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Just where we don't expect life, there it will be, because the life that we know is almost exhausted. The new life always comes from an unexpected corner. 
Why focus on trauma?

I was originally drawn to psychotherapy through Jungian, psychodynamic, and family-systems theory, and these still inform my thinking. Over time
I moved to a trauma-informed perspective, because it:

  • Integrates the somatic dimension.

  • Is effective for a wide range of mental health issues.

  • Supports profound and lasting change.

"Nothing catastrophic ever happened to me ...
but I still feel bad."
This is one of the most interesting applications of trauma-informed treatment: working with persistent, negative core beliefs that are resistant to talk therapy. These core beliefs may be related to events that occurred before the development of language, and thus cannot be easily resolved through speech or thinking. EMDR and SE give us ways to work with core beliefs / feeling states through the body, creating change that is intuitive and "felt." Successful trauma-informed treatment makes us say: I don't know why. I just feel different about it.

Do we have to do EMDR / SE every session?

Not at all. For me "trauma-Informed" means taking the best of what somatic and neurological therapies offer, and applying them within a traditional talk therapy framework. As with any therapy, what heals is an experience feeling seen, cared-for and understood.

How long are sessions?

60 minutes

What form of payment do you accept?

I offer competitive rates for clients paying out-of-pocket, by Zelle or check. I accept insurance plans with out-of-network benefits (e.g. Aetna, Cigna) and will submit your claims electronically for you. 

As of August, 2023, I am an in-network provider for:

      - Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

      - United Healthcare

      - Aetna

I always contact your insurance company to confirm your benefits prior to the first session, so you can know in advance about deductibles and co-payments.

Have more questions?

I'm happy to answer them: 552-223-7688.

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